Mandated Reporting: Adolescent and Adult Clients *
February 22, 2016 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

What is a mandated reporter required to report with regards to adolescent clients? Are the rules the same for what's to be reported with adults clients? How, when and where are reports to be made? Find out the rules, timelines and procedures mandated reporters are required to follow in the state of Nevada.  2.5 CEH Certificate provided upon completion

Cost $35.00


Bullying Prevention and Suicide Prevention for Schools

SAMHSA and the American School Health Association presented a webinar titled "Bullying Prevention and Suicide Prevention for Schools: A Digital Approach From SAMHSA." The webinar provides an overview of the risk and impact of bullying and suicide in school-aged children and highlighted the connection between these public health issues and the "whole child" concept. The webinar showcased SAMHSA's mobile applications—KnowBullying and Suicide Safe—and other key resources as tools to promote bullying prevention and suicide prevention in schools.

Date:  Ongoing.

Building Resiliency in Child Abuse Organizations

This training is intended for victim service providers who work within an agency that is interested in and willing to implement policies, supervisory techniques, and training that support resiliency.

Date:  Ongoing. 

Learn About the Matrix Model

This webinar discusses practical issues around the implementation of the Matrix Model, an intensive outpatient treatment approach for stimulant abuse and dependence. You will find information on the certification process and fidelity instruments to help in the use of this evidence-based practice.

Older Americans Behavioral Health:  Webinar Series

This series provides an opportunity to learn about critical behavioral health conditions and problems affecting older adults, including prescription medication misuse and abuse, suicide, depression, and anxiety and evidence-based prevention and treatment programs to address these problems.

"Opioid Use in Pregnancy: A Community's Approach, the Children and Recovering Mothers (CHARM) Collaborative"

The webinar features the CHARM Collaborative based in Burlington, Vermont. CHARM is a multidisciplinary group of agencies serving pregnant women with opioid dependence, and their infants and families. Discussion centers on services provided and collaborative practice elements across systems at multiple points of intervention—prenatal, birth, and postpartum.

RDoC Webinar Series Kickoff Event with Dr. Bruce Cuthbert

The Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) initiative is an innovative effort by NIMH that aims to transform and guide research on mental illness in the years to come. The overarching goal of RDoC is to accelerate the pace of research that translates basic science into clinical settings by understanding the multi-layered systems that contribute to mental function.

Webinar Transitioning to DSM-5 and ICD-10-CM

How the ICD coding structure of DSM-5 compares to that of DSM-IV; identify the different uses of DSM-5’s ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes; and describe specific coding corrections that have occurred post-publication. On Demand.